#WeAreDelaware Challenge

  1. ACCEPT: Accept the #WeAreDelaware Challenge


  2. RECORD: Take a video of yourself. Express how you really feel about our current representation and why you support Rob Arlett for US Senate to increase awareness of our mission to put the power back with the people.


  3. UPLOAD: Upload your video to social media, tagging/challenging at least three of your friends and family members. Make sure to tag Rob Arlett for US Senate and add #WeAreDelawareChallenge #VoteRobArlett #RetireCarper #PuttingTheFirstStateFirst to your post


  4. GIVE: Make a donation to Arlett for Senate HERE! We are up against a machine and every dollar has been raised by you the people! Every dollar will go to bring the power back to the people of Delaware!


Do I have to donate if I take the challenge?

No, by participating in the #WeAreDelaware Challenge you’re already raising awareness for our campaign! Making a donation, however, will help drive our mission to drive out the machine that has left the people of Delaware and America behind. Every dollar will go toward getting someone in office who will actually represent the people of Delaware.

Do I have to be challenged to participate in the #WeAreDelaware Challenge?

No! If you want to take the #WeAreDelaware Challenge, do so, and be the person who gets the #WeAreDelaware Challenge going this year in your community by challenging your personal network of friends and family members.

Vote on Tuesday, November 6th!Find Your Polling Place Here