Platform & Issues

Delaware families want good paying jobs, safe communities and a fair shot at the American dream.  Rob understands that the best economic program is the dignity of work and a paycheck. As a business owner and leader, Rob has a proven track record of creating jobs and helping Delaware families.  As your Senator in Washington:

  • Rob will go to Washington to remove burdensome, job-killing regulations, unleashing the American dream for Delawareans.  Rob knows that the Delawarean workforce is the best in the world and is ready to fight to enact economic reforms to lift up Delaware’s small businesses and create high-paying jobs that will modern our workforce.
  • Free trade is vital to America’s long-term economic prosperity.  The Port of Wilmington is vital to Delaware’s economic prosperity.  As a Senator in Washington, I will not only fight for free and fair trade, but also for border security for our nation’s ports like the Port of Wilmington, so that these ports are safe to allow for goods to be exported and imported without issue.
  • Delaware is home to many multi-national financial institutions.  As Senator in Washington, I will work tirelessly to ensure banks are lending safely and securely which leads to economic expansion not only in Delaware, but across the nation.
  • Rob will remove barriers to making Delaware the FinTech capital bridging existing financial institutions and technology innovators to bring new, secure financial solutions to market.  FinTech build on STEM are the key to Delaware’s 21st century long-term competitiveness.
  • Rob will ensure that the programs of the Departments of Commerce, Labor and Small Business Administration are working to pave the way for Delawareans who want to start or expand a business can.  Small business development is the engine for economic vitality not only for Delaware, but for the United States.

Delaware families deserve high-quality, affordable health care.  Rob understands the Affordable Care Act was not the answer to allowing Delawareans the ability to afford quality health care.  

  • As your Senator, Rob will go to Washington to repeal the Affordable Care Act with free-market based health insurance model allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines.  This will open up the health insurance market beyond the one insurance provider in the State of Delaware.
  • Rob will also fight to enact health tort reform which will remove the costly premiums already in cost health care and insurance plans.
  • Rob will fight to ban Big Pharma kickbacks that skyrocket pharmaceutical pricing.
  • Delaware is one of only a few states without a medical school, and that needs to change.  Having Delawareans go to medical school outside of the state of Delaware means good doctors rarely return to our great state.  As Senator, I will work tirelessly to remove barriers to bring a medical school within Delaware. Delaware can be a champion in quality medicine through education and innovation.

As a father of two adult children, Rob understands that quality education is paramount to a student’s future success.  As your next Senator, Rob will go to Washington to protect parental rights in their children’s education, and ensure every child has quality, affordable education regardless of their zip code.  Rob understands that Washington does not have all of the answers in education, but that those answers are with teachers and parents.

As the Husband of a legal immigrant from Vietnam, Rob knows that immigration can be great for America.  Rob knows that we must respect our country’s laws and border security to ensure that all people who want to come to America and contribute to our great country do so legally.  Rob will remain steadfast in following through on immigration reform to ensure that the legal process of immigration into the U.S. is shorter, but thorough with full and comprehensive background checks.

As a person who has raised his right hand twice to Defend our Constitution, Rob will always fight up for American’s right to defend themselves and their families  

Supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States means abiding by it as written. I will fight to preserve the separation of powers, fight for limited government and will approve justices who will interpret the constitution as written.

  • Defending Religious Liberty – As a proud Christian man of faith, Rob will always fight for equality and justice for all Americans no matter their background.  In his eyes, everyone is a child of God who deserves the opportunity to thrive in our great country. Understanding that the freedom of practice one’s faith freely, as a Senator in Washington, Rob will fight to defend and preserve the natural right to the free practice of religion.

Rob believes that sovereign nations must have secure borders and entry points. As your Senator in Washington:

  • Rob will work tirelessly to ensure both the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security are adequately funded.  Both departments are vital to maintaining our national defense and keeping our homeland secure. Delaware is home to several military installations including Dover Air Force Base and several Air and Army National Guard bases, all of which have been used for national and international security missions.  Maintaining these installations are vital not only to Delaware, but to our nation.
  • Rob will support Kate’s Law and will work to defund sanctuary cities that undermine federal immigration law.
  • Rob supports real border security to ensure points of entry allow for legal immigration into the United States of America.

Our national debt is a national security issue.  The high cost of maintaining this debt costs Americans way too much and limits the true capabilities of our great nation.  As your Senator in Washington:

  • Rob will work to enact a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Rob is also committed to ending the high cost of government waste and will seek ways to assess existing federal government agencies for fit and purchase with the goal of consolidation or elimination.
  • Rob supports the 2017 Tax Reform signed into law by President Trump as the first step of many to lead to economic revitalization. When more companies are able to hire, corporate and individual payroll revenues lead to higher federal tax revenues and reductions in the national deficit.  Higher national GDP metrics will lead to long-term reductions in the national debt.
  • Rob will work tirelessly to make the federal tax cuts permanent for individual taxpayers.

As a former U.S. Naval Reserve Intelligence Specialist, as well as a father, son, uncle, and brother to veterans, Rob will serve our many veterans, allowing a smooth transition back to civilian life and providing them and their families access to mental, physical and economic security.  As a veteran small business owner, Rob is best equipped to be a Senator in Washington to push for veterans’ issues ranging from health care to career placement.

As your Senator in Washington, Rob will be the voice of Delaware veterans ensuring the Department of Veterans Affairs is adequately providing health care to our veterans.  Our veterans sacrificed so much for our nation, and our nation must provide that and more for them in return.

While dependency on the government should never be the destiny of any American, hardworking and honest Delawareans of all generations are owed a return on their lifelong investments in these programs.  As a Senator in Washington, Rob work to eliminate poverty, working to transition those from benefits to a paycheck.

Our nation’s infrastructure is vital not only to our economy, our national security but our way of life. Delaware’s highways being strategically located within the Northeast corridor are some of the most traveled. The people of the state of Delaware deserve an infrastructure free from disrepair and potholes.

As a compassionate conservative, Rob supports the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 which includes tougher drug enforcement efforts at our borders, as well as increased access to mental health and drug treatment for all those in need of help and care.  Rob will not standby when thousands of American’s lives are ended too early by the dangerous drugs on our streets.

As a husband and father, Rob knows the importance of family.  Rob believes that families are the basic economic unit that leads to economic prosperity.  As a Senator in Washington, Rob will protect human life from natural conception to natural death.  

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