Platform and Issues


As a Father of two sons, Rob will fight on the side of America's parents and students to offer all options for secondary education and career paths. He will work to ensure every child has a quality affordable education, no matter their zip code.



As a former U.S. Naval Reserve intelligence specialist, Rob will serve our many veterans, allowing a smooth transition back to civilian life and providing them and their families access to mental, physical, and economic security.



As a Small Business Owner, Rob will work to remove overburdensome, job-killing regulations, unleashing the American Dream through common sense business and economic reforms that will lift up Delaware’s small businesses and create new, high-paying jobs that will modernize our workforce.


Second Amendment:

As a Defender of our Constitution, Rob will always stand up for American’s right to bear arms. He will fight for the people’s right to defend themselves and their families to prepare for the unexpected.



As the Husband of a legal immigrant from Vietnam, Rob knows that immigration can be great for America. However, Rob knows that we must respect our country’s laws and border security to ensure that all people who want to come to America and contribute to our great country do so legally. He will remain steadfast in following through on immigration reform to ensure that the legal process of immigration into the U.S. is shorter but thorough with full and comprehensive background checks.



As an Advocate to conserve and protect our environment, Rob will push for legislation that guarantees clean water for all Americans because he believes that clean water is essential for Delaware families. It’s time for compromises that hold companies accountable for their impact on the environment, yet also respect their property rights.


Opioids Epidemic:

As a Compassionate Conservative, Rob supports the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 which includes tougher drug enforcement efforts at our borders, as well as increased access to mental health and drug treatment for all those in need of help and care. Rob will not stand by when thousands of Americans’ lives are ended too early by these dangerous drugs on our streets.


Civil Rights:

As a proud Christian man of faith, Rob will always fight for equality and justice for all Americans no matter their background. In his eyes, everyone is a child of God who deserves the opportunity to thrive in our great country with no barriers or discrimination in their way.