Robert B. Arlett was born during 1966 in Newport, Rhode Island. Having a father who made a career as a United States Naval officer, he grew up in many areas of the country to include San Diego, CA., Monterey, CA., Washington, D.C., and Hawaii. He attended Mililani High School, Mililani, Hawaii in June 1984 and upon graduation he continued his studies at The University of Hawaii to study business administration and computer science. Upon his father being stationed to the pentagon and prior to transferring his studies to George Mason University in Virginia, he enlisted in the United States Naval Reserve (USNR) as an Intelligence Specialist where he held a Top Secret security clearance.

Rob met his wife, Lorna, while attending a college gathering in November 1986. Rob and Lorna were married in November 1989. He remained in the USNR for 8 years then deciding to focus all of his efforts on his growing young family, business, and job.

Rob was the operations director for a very successful, family owned, international marketing company from the age of 19 till he was 34. During these 15 years he and his family were blessed with the opportunity to be associated with very successful Christian business owners who mentored Rob with his marriage, family, business, and most importantly his faith. He felt the need to pursue other employment opportunities that allowed for more flexibility, so he made the decision to change his career in 2002 and began working for Comcast Cable. He was a commission based sales associate until his relocation to Delaware.

While in Virginia, Rob attended church on a regular basis with his family, became very involved with organizations that involved his children to include Little League, Cub Scouts, Boys Scouts, & school activities. In addition, Rob was elected President of his HOA.

Looking for a different quality of life, Rob relocated his family to Sussex County in January 2006 and began a career in Real Estate. In 2010, Rob began his own Real Estate company. Rob and his family has been living in Sussex County for over 8 years.

Rob has served on many committees related to the Delaware Real Estate industry to include (1) Delaware Association of Realtors Public Policy Committee (2) Delaware Political Action Committee Trustee (3) Sussex County Association of Realtors Public Policy Committee Vice-­‐Chairman (4) Sussex County Association of Realtors Public Policy Committee Chairman.

As a result of the 2008 Presidential election, Rob and Lorna became more involved locally and joined the Sussex County Republican Club and in 2012 became an Election District Chairman for the 38 th District. While an EDC, he helped with the hugely successful 2012 campaigns of newly elected Representative Gray and Senator Hocker. Rob continued his political involvement by being elected as the Republican Chairman for the 38 th Representative District in March 2013. Many consider the 38th Representative District the best run District in the entire state of Delaware. As Chairman, Rob organized, hosted, and was the “Master of Ceremony” for their 2 nd annual and very successful “Covered Dish & Straw Poll” event which took place in April 2013. Realizing the need to strengthen unity and help the Sussex County Republican Committee raise money, he was selected as the Sussex County Fund Raising Chairman. He created, organized, and was the “Master of Ceremony” for their hugely successful Christmas event in December 2013.

Rob was elected by his community to serve on their HOA’s Advisory Board of Directors, and continues to be involved in various activities and organizations that include their children. Rob became an ordained minister in October 2011. In 2013, Rob was a founding member and organizer for “Operation Seas The Day” which is a community based organization that provides a free beach week to 25 wounded warriors and their families in the Bethany Beach area.

Rob and his family attend Hightide Church, where they continue to grow in their faith and learn how to live out timeless principles of truth as they serve their community.

Why would Rob consider running for public office?

It is his belief and conviction that people of integrity, honesty, and faith must not only be involved in the process, but are destined to lead others, by example, with a compassionate and caring heart.